Clear Creek Makerspace


[ mey-ker-speys ]


a collaborative space for hands-on learning and creation, in which people with common interests can gather to work on projects, develop new skills, explore new tools and technology, and share ideas.

Full list of tools coming soon!

Makerspaces are workspaces that have the tools, equipment, knowledge, and most importantly, the community, to enable local makers, craftspeople, artists, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs to build and create. Using the power of collective community, makerspaces offer their members a comprehensive and capable lineup of tools and equipment far exceeding what most people are able to collect on their own. 

Clear Creek Makerspace offers much more than just tools though. Members can take discounted classes to learn new skills, participate in community events, and much more! Whether you are looking to build projects with new friends, connect with knowledgeable community members, or find your next business partner, Clear Creek Makerspace offers you the community and tools to make it happen. 

What sort of tools does a makerspace have you may ask? Well here at Clear Creek Makerspace we have the equipment that can let you build a cabinets, weld up a roof rack, or create a custom vinyl sticker.

Meet those that are helping develop our Makerspace program

As part of the mission of Localworks is to connect the community to creation and volunteer opportunities, to help facilitate this process and govern the Makerspace in our community, Localworks, we have a Makerspace Advisory Board! Meet the board below.

Want to learn more about the makerspace?

Head over to our Makerspace website to learn more about the space, the tools, our memberships, and much more!