Governance and Board

Chartered in 2005 under the name Wheat Ridge 2020, Localworks is a private, non-profit, corporation with diverse members.

Localworks is volunteer powered, staff supported and board directed. There is an annual meeting each year and members vote on a slate of board nominees.

Articles of Incorporation

Our organization was originally incorporated as Wheat Ridge 2020, Inc. We currently do business under our tradename of Localworks. Articles of Incorporation as submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State.

Current Localworks bylaws: WR2020 Bylaws adopted and signed 01-24-12

Localworks is a non-profit corporation with members who elect a Board of Directors serving staggered terms. The Board of Directors is elected based on a slate of candidates developed by the Nominating Committee of the stakeholder members of Localworks.

Under the bylaws, the Board must represent different geographic parts of the City of Wheat Ridge, and also different sectors of the market. There must be a business as well as a residential presence on the Board.

Staff report to the Executive Director, who serves at the pleasure of the Board.

Board members each serve on a committee alongside Localworks members.

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Any resident of Wheat Ridge can become a member of Localworks. Localworks is authorized to an unlimited number of general members. At the annual meeting, the standing Nominating Committee of the Membership brings to the members a slate of board nominees for election. After the annual meeting each year, the Board of Directors elects the Executive Committee, consisting of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.

The Current Board of Directors:
Kristine Disney, President
Joe DeAguero, Vice President
Kelsey Robb, Secretary
David Schafer, Treasurer
Ron Benson
Karen Berry
Kelly Brooks
Kelsey Robb
Mike Gauthier
Joseph Giordano
Michael Kolesar
Jerry Nealon
Joy Opp

David Schafer

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The Board of Directors meets the Fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. at the Localworks Office.

Board Member Application

Board Member Agreement

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