Business Spotlight: DilSe I.T.

“With Love”

DilSe.IT is a local Denver based I.T. company founded by CTO and visionary, Paresh Rana. After 20 years in a CTO capacity for several global corporations, Paresh wanted to take everything he knew and assist small to medium size businesses with their technology infrastructure. His thought was that “everyone” should have access to the world-class technology as well as the expertise to leverage it for their businesses. Paresh named hiscompany Dil Se which means “with love” in the Hindi language. DilSe.IT’s mission is to be MORE than just a network infrastructure and I.T. services company and their mission is always to take care of the customer and to form a strong bond of trust.

This is evidenced by DilSe.IT being open to their many retail and restaurant clients 7 days each week. DilSe.IT is constantly striving to leave a positive impact on its clients and in everything they do. Called the “Dil Se Difference,” it’s the small things that make an impact with the client. DilSe.IT’s CEO Andy Carlson has helped work the cash registers on some of the Ace Hardware store grand openings DilSe.IT has supported over the past year.

Another managing partner, Justin Campo did a 6 week internship with Ace Hardware so he could better understand the innerworkings of one of DilSe.IT’s largest clients. With another client, Rush Bowls – Justin used some of his business development skills to help generate the acai start-up some additional revenue in their first month of being open.

Andy developed an I.T. budgeting tool that has proved tremendously useful for new starts-ups to budget their I.T. over a 3 year period based on Andy’s 17 years as an Ace Hardware store owner. With a strong team of 9 in place, it is DilSe.IT’s sincere hope to find more great clientsand grow this special brand of I.T. within the Colorado community.