CCM Community Mural

Community Paint-by-Numbers Mural

Localworks invites you to bring a vibrant touch to our Clear Creek Makerspace’s building exterior through a community paint-by-numbers mural campaign. We will host two community paint events in July, where you can paint a section of the mural. Below is the mural design that you will help bring to life:

How do you get involved?

As Clear Creek Makerspace will foster a culture of inclusion and breaking down barriers to access, the mural is a major step towards creating this culture. To get involved all you have to do is come to a paint event and be ready to lend a hand! 

There are opportunities for greater involvement that Localworks encourages if you’re able. Our programs – such as launching the Clear Creek Makerspace, the organization’s largest project since its inception in 2005 – depend on contributions from community members like you. You have a unique opportunity to support the mural project in a big way through our giving levels which are shown below. 

To help support both the creation of the mural and 5 sponsored memberships for Clear Creek Makerspace upon opening, we aim to raise $10,000 throughout this project between both paint by numbers events. 

Choose your donor level when you register for a paint event below!

If you have questions about any of the donor levels below, please contact Localworks Executive Director, Paige, at If you are ready to commit to a donor level, you can select your donor level during your event registration process, more information is available below. If you are not interested in attending a paint by numbers event but would like to make a contribution, please click here to make your contribution.

More information about sponsored memberships:

Clear Creek Makerspace will offer a scholarship program, through our educational programming arm, Growing U. Scholarships are available for anyone to apply for. The goal of the scholarship program is to break down barriers many underserved populations experience, enabling individuals to enhance their vocational and trade skills, paving the way for a more promising career path in the future.

Paint with a Commissioner!

At every mural painting event you can expect to paint with a commissioner! A representative from the Wheat Ridge Cultural Commission will be present at all of our community mural events to answer questions you may have, or to just chat about their organization! 

More information about paint by numbers events:

Community members are invited to join us for a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, leaving your legacy in Wheat Ridge and on Clear Creek Makerspace, at our paint by numbers mural events. During the event you will have the opportunity to paint a small section of the mural on the building. Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Community members will not be permitted to paint any part of the mural that requires a ladder. 
  • All paint and supplies will be provided by Localworks. Community members will not be permitted to use their own paint or paint supplies. 
  • Unless you have been permitted to reserve a paint time through a donor level, painting will take place on a first come first serve basis. 

Weather Disclaimer:

The CCM mural and the work that our community puts into it is SO important! We want to make sure this mural is around for years to come – you are leaving a legacy after all! 

In order for the paint to dry/stick properly we have to follow specific temperature requirements. We all know how unpredictable Colorado winters can be! Localworks staff will closely monitor the local weather reports leading up to each event. If temperatures below the appropriate threshold are predicted, we will let you know the event is postponed via email and social media. Our website will also be updated. Thank you for your understanding and happy painting!