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About Activate 38

Activate 38 is a project that will increase active transportation, transit use and accessibility along 38th Avenue between Kipling and Youngfield in Wheat Ridge. The project’s overall goal is to understand how people use that section of 38th Avenue to get around through community engagement and the creation of the Activate 38 Active Living Coalition. The coalition will work to inform and support the City of Wheat Ridge in their efforts to improve the area so that it is safe and efficient to use transit, walk, bike, and wheelchair roll.

About the Activate 38 Active Living Coalition

The Activate 38 Active Living Coalition is a group of community members supported by organizations, businesses, City of Wheat Ridge staff, elected officials, and others who are dedicated to making Wheat Ridge a vibrant and sustainable city. The Coalition will gather community input through outreach, forums, events, walk, bike, and roll audits, data collection and mapping to inform an active transportation assessment. After the initial assessment, the Coalition will engage neighbors to prioritize necessary improvements, advocate for policy, craft recommendations and develop an Active Living Plan.

We are looking to recruit more members! So please consider joining, or spread the word to someone who may be interested. Currently, the Activate 38 Active Living Coalition consists of: Localworks, Bicycle Colorado, City of Wheat Ridge, Colorado Senior Connection- Wheat Ridge (CSC-WR), CREA Results, Five Fridges Farm, Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH), Radian, Wheat Ridge Active Transportation Advisory Team (WRATAT), and Wheat Ridge Education Alliance (WREA).

Want to get involved? Here’s how!

– Join the Activate 38 Active Living Coalition.
– Help us collect data by joining us for walk, bike, and wheelchair audits.
– Share your experience using 38th west of Kipling to walk, bike, wheelchair roll or take transit.
– Volunteer to help out at future active transportation encouragement activities, community building activities, and visioning forums.
– Share with us your idea of how you as an individual, or your organization can get involved!

To get involved, email our Activate 38 Coordinator at