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Sweet Ridge Art Studios: C-o-l-o-r-F-U-L-L Creations!

Color is one of the most magical aspects of being an artist. Fuschia, Lime Green, Sunshine Yellow and Royal Purple! The world is full of exciting and exquisite creations all loaded with vibrant and soul satisfying hues. All of our projects this week will be c-o-l-o-r-F-U-L-L!!! Artists will create bright and playful squeegee paintings, these paintings are spontaneous, organic and totally frameable. Using their profile as a starting point students will learn all about tints and collage a progressive self portrait. Contrast creates an environment where color can be truly appreciated and by drawing a black and white pattern rich image students can paint a rainbow that will pop when glued on top. Jump into the wonderful world of color and showcase your diverse artistic talents with us this week.