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Sweet Ridge Studios Summer Art Camp: Celebrating Gardens, Blossom Session, Ages 6-10

Seeds, soil and sun, oh my! Every summer, we host an art camp centered around the themes of gardens and art, and this year’s focus celebrates the most splendid phase of gardening – the blossoming period! We’ll construct vibrant flower collages from paper to create stunning compositions that reflect the kaleidoscope of a blossoming garden. Using real flower petals we’ll design mesmerizing mandalas that capture the sunlight. Student artists will craft seed bombs which hold the potential to scatter beauty and life wherever they land. Additionally, artists will fashion enchanting night blossoms by painting glow in the dark rocks. Join us for a week of hands-on creativity, where the boundaries between art and nature meld, and inspiration blossoms at every turn!
June24-June28, 9AM-12PM