Welcome to Explore Wheat Ridge!

Localworks' New App with FactorEarth

As Localworks aims to make Wheat Ridge a more vibrant and sustainable place to live and work, we have been working behind the scenes on an extremely exciting project– an app for the community. In partnership with Metcalf Technology and FactorEarth, Localworks is pleased to unveil Explore Wheat Ridge. Explore Wheat Ridge is an adventure series that takes you through the history of our community (four locations are currently included for you to explore, more are coming soon!) while giving you rewards to use in our community! Once you begin exploring, you will find BOGO deals at restaurants, a free ice cream scoop, free beverages and more. 

Click here to directly view Explore Wheat Ridge or scan the QR code. We recommend accessing the application on a mobile device.

More Information

The first four locations that are featured on Explore Wheat Ridge are Fruitdale, Gold’s Marketplace, Richard Hart Estate and the “Green”. You’ll see old photographs as you continue to explore, historical information about the locations, and more.

This technology works as a responsive application, meaning there are no downloads and you do not have to sign in and create an account if you do not wish. To redeem the deals around the community, a free account will be required but your information is never sold or shared. In order to save your rewards, click on the rewards tab on the footer menu of your app screen and create a free account. Once your free account is created, head back to where you found the reward, click it again and it will be saved in your profile! When you are ready to redeem your reward at any participating business, you can open up your app and rewards tab and you’ll click “redeem”. Please make sure to wait and click redeem when you are in the business and ready to redeem your reward. 

You’ll also see that there are several different ways you can explore all the locations and discoveries that are available on the app. You can explore by place, or you can pull up the map view and see all current locations that are included on the app! 

Localworks is extremely excited to unveil a project that has been in the works for almost a year to the community! Localworks will continue to add adventures to Explore Wheat Ridge, so be sure stay in the loop. We encourage you to share Explore Wheat Ridge your friends, family, and even those that are visiting so they can become familiar with our incredible community! We are so excited that you are now able to connect with Wheat Ridge in a whole new way. 

Questions about the app and how to best use it? We are here for you! Email reception@wearelcoalworks.org or call 720-259-1030.