Engaging With the City

The City of Wheat Ridge has a quote on the wall in the lobby of city hall that says, “Through our participation or neglect, we get the government we deserve.”

Wheat Ridge is filled with good and caring people who love where they live. If the direction of the community matters to you, it helps to pay attention to decisions made by local government.

Here are some ways to become a more engaged citizen:

1) Learn who your representatives are and introduce yourself.

Many people only find their council representatives to complain once something has already happened or been decided. We suggest reaching out to your elected representatives to introduce yourself and tell them what you value about Wheat Ridge. Find something good that happened recently and compliment them. If there are certain issues you are especially passionate about, let them know. Share your contact information as many of them have email or mailing lists to let constituents know about what is happening in the community.

There are eight City Council members in Wheat Ridge, two in each of four districts. Every two years, four seats on City Council are elected, one from each district. Click here for a district map. http://ci.wheatridge.co.us/DocumentCenter/View/2070

There are also three citywide elected positions; they are Mayor, City Clerk and City Treasurer. All have specific duties and responsibilities for our city.

Contact information for all City Elected Officials may be found at http://www.ci.wheatridge.co.us/128/City-Council

2) Participate in city communication

The City of Wheat Ridge has many forms of communication to help keep residents informed and engaged.

Go to http://www.ci.wheatridge.co.us/123/Communications-Public-Information to learn more about what is offered and select the mailing lists or online options that make sense for you. Many questions you may have as a resident or business have answers that can be found on the City of Wheat Ridge website http://www.ci.wheatridge.co.us. If you can’t find something or simply want to talk to a friendly human at city hall, call (303) 234-5900.

3) Attend a City Council meeting or watch one online

It is pretty interesting to see how our representatives conduct the business of our city. They cover a broad range of issues. Check out a meeting to see how it works. The public is welcome to all city council meetings and study sessions. The City Council meets on Monday nights. All City Council meetings are live streamed from the city website and also available on the city webpage or YouTube Channel.

4) Register to Vote

If you haven’t already, register to vote so your voice can be heard on local issues at election time. In Jefferson County our elections are primarily conducted with mail-in ballots.  You may register to vote in Colorado online through the Secretary of State’s website http://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections/vote/VoterHome.html

These are four steps to get started. Let us know what you discover. At Localworks we stay very engaged and hope you will too.