Localworks 2B Resolution

At its September 2018 meeting, the board of directors of Localworks voted to support the 2018 ballot question 2B, which aligns with Localworks’ mission to advance Wheat Ridge as a vibrant and sustainable community. We believe ballot question 2B continues the benefits of 2016 ballot question 2E, which Localworks fully supported.  The funding from these ballot questions continues to support four specific “Investing 4 the Future” projects with no impact to the voter approved 2E tax cap or timeline. We believe these funds are best used to continue the identified projects that protect Wheat Ridge’s legacy and invest in our future.

Localworks Resolution 2018: Resolution of Support for City of Wheat Ridge Ballot Question 2B

WHEREAS, Localworks is a 501(c)3 organization advancing Wheat Ridge as a vibrant and sustainable community and may support policies that impact our mission;

WHEREAS, in 2016, Localworks did support and endorse the YES Wheat Ridge campaign and a YES vote on 2016 ballot question 2E;

WHEREAS, in 2016, the electorate of Wheat Ridge did vote to pass ballot question 2E, establishing a ½ cent sales tax increase to be in effect for a period of 12 years, to fund four specific “Investing 4 the Future” projects;

WHEREAS, Localworks continues to believe in and support the “Investing 4 the Future” projects;

WHEREAS, to date, revenues generated by 2E have exceeded the revenue estimates put forth in the revenue estimates provided in 2016;

WHEREAS, 2018 ballot question 2B will allow Wheat Ridge to retain without refunding any amount exceeding the revenue estimates put forward in 2016, without changing the cap or timeframe of the sales tax created by 2E;

WHEREAS, a YES vote on 2B will reaffirm Wheat Ridge voter’s commitment to the “Investing 4 the Future” projects that make Wheat Ridge a vibrant and sustainable place to live, work and play;

NOW THEREFORE, We the Board of Directors of Localworks, incorporated as Wheat Ridge 2020, do RESOLVE to support and to endorse a YES vote on 2018 ballot question 2B.