Localworks Building Up Business Micro Funding Loan Program

Localworks is here to support your business in Wheat Ridge, specifically your growth and longevity in our community. We are thrilled to announce a new program that will continue to allow us to do this in new ways, a micro funding program within our Building Up Business Loan (BUBL). Not familiar with our BUBL program? No problem, here’s a quick synopsis. BUBL provides access to a no/low interest loan for brick and mortar improvements for Wheat Ridge business owners for up to $50,000 for a five year loan term. We know this is beneficial for many business owners in our community, but we have been working internally with leadership to understand MORE ways this program could evolve to support business owners growth in different ways. This is how the BUBL Micro Funding Program was born. The BUBL Micro Funding program offers a $5,000-$10,000 loan with no interest (if signed for a 12-month term) to allow you to get funds for things that simply would not be approved for a loan through a traditional lender. We’ve sat down with many small business owners in this innovation process to learn about what they need to succeed. Learn more below about some examples of what this loan can fund for you and your business. 

The BUBL Micro Funding loan allows you to do improvements to your business that may not be physically visible in your space but allow small business owners greater success in a near term. Examples include:

  • Hire a strategic planning consultant to help with any of your business strategies.
  • Hire a marketing professional so spruce up, start or create your website or social media channels.
  • Work with Manufacturer’s Edge (a highly recommended company) that can help you identify operational inefficiencies. 

The best part about this loan program is that these are not your only options, you can submit a project proposal for our loan committee to review! Localworks has designed this new BUBL micro funding program to best serve YOU as a business in the Wheat Ridge community. To access our application and learn more, please click here.