Localworks Committees

Localworks Committee Applications Open

Looking to get more involved in the community? Localworks is re-opening applications for committee membership! Below is a comprehensive list of all the committees that are now open for registration. Whether you are interested in networking/educational programs or local events, there is a place for you here! Joining a committee is the best way to have to connect with your community and be able to be a part of Wheat Ridge’s positive progress.

Members of the community are able to join one or more committees if that is of interest to you. Here is a list of our committees:

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Partners in Progress Committee

The Partners in Progress Committee will steward community-based education and networking growth in Wheat Ridge. During these meetings it is intended that stakeholders lead discussions surrounding how we can further engage the Wheat Ridge community in the educational component of Localworks.  Localworks is searching for committee members who are keen to bring back events like Policy and Pints, business roundtable conversations and education and civic participation for community members.

For those seeking a leadership role, early participants will meet on a temporarily ad hoc basis. Once committee membership and roles within the committee are established a more formal schedule and strategic plan will be put into place.

Please consider becoming a member of the Partners in Progress Committee and help Localworks and Wheat Ridge engage with and educate the next generation of involved members within our community.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee has been formed from three previous committees as an opportunity for a more cohesive communication system: the Public Relations Committee, Communication Advisory Team and Marketing Committee.  The primary purpose of the Communications Committee is to have conversations around potential new campaigns via Localworks existing and upcoming channels. This committee will meet on an as needed basis, discussing ideas surrounding new campaigns for business corridors, like Ridge at 38, Localworks programs, Makerspace membership/programs and more!

If you are interested in contributing to the promotion of peer-to-peer communication for local events and putting on a strategic cap for the growth of Wheat Ridge through branding elements, this committee is for you! 

Live Local Committee

If you enjoy attending our community’s Live Local events, the Live Local Committee is a great opportunity to get involved and help plan fun, interactive events with Localworks in the future. Some of our events we have focused on this summer include a Coffee 101 with Stylus and Crate, an ice cream treat with Em’s, local beverages with Rickoli and an Adoption Day with Cosmos.

The Live Local Committee will meet quarterly. 

Events Committee

The Events Committee’s role will be similar to our Live Local Committee; however this group will be responsible for all events outside of the Live Local realm. You can expect to be working on things like Ridgefest, Localworks annual fundraiser, mid-modern home tour and urban farm tour. The Events Committee is a great way to further engage in the Wheat Ridge community and help behind the scenes of your favorite events. 

The Events Committee will meet on an ad hoc basis. 

Ready to sign up for one of these committees? Sign up here. If you are interested in the Makerspace Advisory Board, please use the link at the bottom of the page that says “register”. 

Makerspace Advisory Board

The Makerspace Advisory Board is the best way to take an active role in the development of the Localworks Makerspace program. Managed by the Program and Development Officer, the primary role of this committee is to provide recommendations, insight, and advice to the Localworks Board of Directors on matters relating to the development and operation of the Makerspace.

Please note that the Makerspace Advisory Board will work a little differently than the rest of the committees. Registration applications will be available on a different platform to allow for more in depth information and resume compatibility. However, if any of the other committees pique your interest, click here to register.