Localworks’ Monthly Donor Club

Monthly Donors Club: Local Champions

Reasons to give 

Localworks is introducing a new program to help give back to those that give to us. All of these monthly donations will go directly into our programming to make Wheat Ridge a more vibrant place to live and work. These programs include community-favorites like Live Local, Block Party grants and our summer Dumpster Days. Your donation directly impacts these programs, and in return, will directly benefit you and your community.

Mark De La Torre, a resident of Wheat Ridge says “Localworks is a community-first organization, through and through.” He continues, “I give to Localworks because, beyond programming, they’re investing in every aspect of life for businesses and residents to make Wheat Ridge the best place it can be.” 


Localworks has and will continue to graciously accept donations of any amount throughout the year; however, in addition to this, we are introducing a tiered donation program that will benefit both parties. Our monthly donor club will begin on March 1st and continue through the year! Some of the donor benefits will evolve and change as we continue to learn how to best accommodate our community members. Localworks is continuing to grow and develop here in Wheat Ridge and it is all thanks to those that continue to support us whether it be through donations, volunteer time, or just attending our events periodically throughout the year!

What’s a monthly donor club? 

A monthly donor club consists of members of our community who fiscally support our organization with a scheduled donation that goes directly into our programs once a month. To show our appreciation for your impact, we want to give you something in return! We have split our monthly donors into three different levels to allow a range of giving depending on what works best for our community members. Our monthly donor levels show pride for Localworks as our community makes Wheat Ridge special, these colors make our logo special and identifiable. Beginning with our Crimson members at a gift of $5 a month, then our Gold members with a gift of $10 a month and, finally, our Royal members who donate $20 a month. Each with varying perks in return. Together, you all are LocalChampions!

Crimson givers – $5/month

What can your $5 a month do? Believe it or not $5/month will have a significant impact on our mission of making Wheat Ridge a vibrant and sustainable place to live and work! Your $5 a month equates to $60 a year, which allows us to fund THREE Live Local events for a single Wheat Ridge community member. Live Local events aren’t your thing? That same $60 a year can cover costs of 25 cubic yards of trash disposed of on a Dumpster Day! To put that in perspective, a cubic yard of soil typically weighs around 2100 lbs. That would mean your $5 a month would cover over 100,000 lbs of dry, loose trash a year. Talk about helping your home be a clean and sustainable community! 

In exchange for your gift to us and your impact on your community, you will receive an extra free drink token at every Live Local event for as long as you are a Crimson giver! As well as a one time gift of a $5 gift card to Stylus and Crate. 

Gold givers – $10/month

If $5 a month can do all of that, just imagine what $10 a month can do. This $10 a month donation will double your impact. No matter what level of donation you give monthly will go into the same pool for Localworks programs, how big of a splash will YOU make? 

In exchange for your gift to us and your impact on your community, you will receive an extra free drink token at every Live Local event for as long as you are a Gold giver! In addition, you will receive a one time gift of a $10 gift card to your choice Infinitus Pizza Pie or Esters in Gold’s Marketplace AND a shout out in our monthly newsletter.  

Royal givers – $20/month

For $20 a month and $240 a year, you can directly impact TWELVE live local events for a single community member and greatly impact our TLC dumpster day program to help us keep Wheat Ridge neighborhoods clean! 

Royal LocalChampions will also receive an extra free drink token at every Live Local event for as long as you are a Royal giver, as well as a one time gift of a $20 gift card to your choice of ANY Wheat Ridge business. Royal members will also have their name in our monthly newsletter. In addition, Localworks will invite Royal members to be first in line at our TLC Dumpster Day events. There will be a designated time and reserved space instead of moving cars out of the way for traffic control reasons. Although we do not expect to change this, all of the church parking lots are different and we may have difficulties executing this plan. 

This incentive is subject to change depending on our ability to keep our TLC Neighborhood Clean-up Days running smoothly. If our gift needs to be changed, we will communicate on how best to reimburse you, or provide you with a different incentive.  

We would like to reiterate that Live Local events are always free and open to all residents of Wheat Ridge. These benefits are to thank those who choose to fiscally support our organization, not to block or hinder those who either do not want to or are unable to donate. We truly appreciate any kind of support that our community gives us. 

TLC Wheat Ridge is a joint effort of Localworks and the Wheat Ridge Police Department. The goal of this program is to bring neighbors together to strengthen the community and keep our city clean and safe. To accomplish this work, we offer Clean Up Days, Dumpster Day Grants and Block Party Grants. Your donation directly impacts this programming by allowing for more debris to be collected in Wheat Ridge as we strive towards our daily mission of making Wheat Ridge a more vibrant and sustainable place to live and work.

To schedule a monthly donation, please click here. Thank you Wheat Ridge!