Localworks Resolution 2016

Resolution of Support for City of Wheat Ridge Ballot Question 2E

WHEREAS, Localworks is a 501(c)3 organization advancing Wheat Ridge as a vibrant and sustainable community and may support policies that impact our mission;

WHEREAS, the citizen-led DIRT Task Force identified needed infrastructure projects and together worked with City Council to prioritize four projects that are important to the economic health, safety, and vitality of our city. City Council unanimously agreed to present this to the voters and ask all of us to say YES to Wheat Ridge;

WHEREAS, these projects are the vision of people of people who live in Wheat Ridge. The idea for this investment came from our community and it will benefit our community. We know the value of our unique city, and we want to preserve what makes Wheat Ridge special;

WHEREAS, 2016 ballot question 2E will allow income-producing investments and an increase in quality services that will provide long-term economic benefits to Wheat Ridge residents and businesses. Improving traffic flow and active transportation infrastructure along Wadsworth will support existing businesses and encourage the opening of new ventures. The investment in Clear Creek Crossing will provide infrastructure for an area that will generate new sales and property tax revenue for the city. Investments in the Ward Road Commuter Rail Station and Anderson Park will contribute to the livability and attractiveness of Wheat Ridge for residents and businesses;

WHEREAS, 2E allows us to protect Wheat Ridge’s legacy and invest in our future. Wheat Ridge needs to say YES to investments that will retain our small-town heritage and add to our quality residents and businesses. Wheat Ridge needs to say YES to making our community safe and strong by updating existing areas and building great new places. This is a sales tax increase of just a half percent, which is only a nickel for a ten dollar purchase. The sales tax is limited to 12 years. Wheat Ridge’s sales tax is currently below the average rate of nearby cities and this temporary increase will bring us in line with the average.

WHEREAS, Ballot Question 2E is a great deal for Wheat Ridge residents, and we get a better deal if we begin now. It is estimated that visitors pay about half of our sales taxes, so those who contribute to some of the stress on our systems will help pay for the solutions. Voting yes on 2E will allow us to access up to $38 million in federal and state grants for Wadsworth traffic congestion relief alone. If we don’t agree to invest in our community by supporting 2E, we lose our place in line and could potentially wait decades to have access to state and federal money again to solve this problem.

NOW THEREFORE, We the Board of Directors of Localworks, incorporated as Wheat Ridge 2020, do RESOLVE to support and to endorse the YES Wheat Ridge campaign and a YES vote on 2016 ballot question 2E.