Meet our Board of Directors: Janenne Allen

Meet Janenne Allen!

Janenne has been a Localworks Board Member since 2016. She’s passionate about strong neighborhoods and community collaboration. Learn more about Janenne below.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a strategist, a planner, a manager, a coach, a trainer, a diplomat, a referee, an executive, an operator, an organizer, a leader with cat herding, communication and negotiation skills all within the confines of my household (husband, child, dog, and multiple fish), professional career (cyber security Channel Business Development Manager) and friends. I have lived here since 2008 and do not see myself calling another place home. I love my little slice of heaven located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

How did you get involved with Localworks?

When I purchased my home in 2008, I found and utilized the Localworks Dumpster Days Grant which led to my wonderful street leveraging a Block Party Grant. After exploring and using some of the Localworks programs it made me ask, “What can I do to add value to my community and learn more about the city?” From that question I applied, participated and graduated from Wheaties Academy, which opened my eyes to all the possibilities of how I can engage and give back. I started volunteering with Friday Night Live and shortly after, joined the Localworks Board of Directors.

What other local organizations are you involved with?

I was supporter and participant in the NRS Reaffirmation Project.

Favorite Localworks program?

Hmmm….. I love them all, but I will go with any of our TLC Wheat Ridge programs (Clean Up Days, Dumpster Days Grants and Block Party Grants). By the way, the Localworks staff works extremely hard to create and offer these. They are a group of individuals who are truly dedicated to creating a better community, providing programs that enrich lives and foster helping & knowing one another.

What do you love about Wheat Ridge?

I love the location, the exciting buzz of new businesses, the stories of our roots that hum through the people and buildings. The comfort of warm neighborly faces. But what I really love is the feeling that you are a part of it all.

This is the city, my city, our city. This is the glorious madness of living in this community – old, new, caring, aggravating, invigorating community. I love this city because I love the people. You can go anywhere not knowing a soul, then cross the street in the midst of a dozen or more strangers; divinely ordained friends born out of a place and the bizarre fate that you all just happen to be trying to get to the same place at the same time.

I love this city. I love it because I’m part of it. We all are. I love colliding with people, because it’s all part of the adventure of life. The country, the mountains, the open sea – they’re all friends too; but they can wait for me as I walk out my front door, down our city blocks and see faces of friends around the corner. Give me this community. Give me the City of Wheat Ridge.