Activate 38

About Activate 38

ACTIVATE 38: WEST OF KIPLING is a program of Localworks to increase walking, bicycling, transit use and wheelchair rolling along 38th Avenue between Kipling and Youngfield. Activate 38 is funded through a Kaiser Permanente Community Grant with support from the City of Wheat Ridge. During the first phase of the program (Jan 2017 – Mar 2018), a coalition of residents, businesses, schools, organizations, and city officials worked together to:

  • Gather community input to inform an Active Transportation Assessment
  • Engage neighbors to prioritize necessary improvements, craft recommendations and develop an Active Living Plan

Now in Phase 2 (Apr 2018 – Mar 2020), the Activate 38 coalition will work to advance the priority improvements identified by the community:

  • Slow Down Cars
  • Improve Safe Crossings
  • Buffer Cars from People
  • Create a “Place for People”

To get involved, email Jenny Snell at