Strategies to Help Your Senior Loved One Who Lives Alone

Living alone is no joke, particularly when you’re in the older stages of life with no help nearby. If you’ve been looking to help your senior loved one navigate daily challenges like socializing, finances, and more – you’re in the right place. Here, Localworks shares easy strategies to help your loved one.

Promote a Sense of Purpose

Symptoms of depression may increase if your loved one has lost their sense of purpose. Here’s how you can keep the loneliness and brooding at bay.

  • Encourage your senior to volunteer at a local charity, so they feel like they’re actively contributing to society.

  • Taking up a hobby such as knitting or gardening is an excellent way to keep the mind and body engaged while pursuing a passion and creative endeavor.

  • Exercise and endorphins are a great way to renew independence and a zest for life. Not to mention, increasing strength and physical fitness helps increase feelings of achievement.


Gain Independence

Independence is a critical element of achieving a sense of purpose. Here’s how you can promote independence in your loved one’s life:

  • Encourage them to get their groceries, walk their dog and manage other such daily functions, so they have a sense of confidence in their abilities.

  • Eating well is critical for health and well-being, yes, but it is also great for boosting feelings of self-esteem and confidence.

  • If your loved one wants to age in place, get them to connect with the Seniors Resource Center, which helps empower them to achieve this goal.

  • Entrust your loved one with a chore or meaningful responsibility, as this will make them feel loved and needed.


Take Control of Finances

Once your loved one has gained independence over daily challenges, prompting them to take a closer look at their finances will be essential.

  • Seniors should be educated on lifestyle planning to account for lack of income during retirement weighed against potential life span. Help them plan emergency savings and account for health care expenses too!

  • Be sure to educate your senior about the rampant cases of senior fraud, where scammers try to seize control of bank accounts or other protected information through technology.

  • Help your loved one navigate major financial decisions like selling their home and buying their new place. Use a home sales proceeds calculator to help gauge how much they can make from their sale.


Many seniors undergo significant life changes that make them vulnerable to depression and loneliness. However, with a bit of help from loved ones like yourself, their quality of life and happiness can significantly improve – so keep putting in the effort.

 Written by: Beverly Nelson