Your City

Make a difference, from the ground up! Whether you want to host a block party or ask for city leadership to support your amazing idea, it’s not always clear where to start and how to get the right people at the table. Wheaties Academy provides dedicated community members across generations and geographies with the inspiration […]

Our city needs residents like you to serve on boards and commissions that provide input and make decisions that impact everyday life in our city. To be eligible for most of these positions, you need to be a resident of the City of Wheat Ridge. Many of the positions are assigned by City Council District […]

The City of Wheat Ridge has a quote on the wall in the lobby of city hall that says, “Through our participation or neglect, we get the government we deserve.” Wheat Ridge is filled with good and caring people who love where they live. If the direction of the community matters to you, it helps […]

New Developments: Learn about some of the new things happening around town, what is being planned and what issues we are following at Localworks. After the 2015 election resulted in an amendment to our city charter, many of us are watching to see how this will impact projects already in the pipeline that have agreements with […]